BBC iplayer and Android Fusion Tablet

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    Well i'm not sure if i'm posting this in the right place, but if not maybe one of the mods would be kind enough to move. Anyway i purchased a Fusion 5 premium tablet from Amazon last week, all worked well including the BBC iplayer which worked a treat smooth as anything, the only problem with it was the Wi-fi which was very weak away from the router, so after speaking to A1CS who distribute the tablet, they supplied me with an upgrade to a Fusion premium 5 + now the Wi-fi on this is great, but it won't play the iplayer, it's jumping and buffering all over the place, and itv player isn't much better, i contacted A1CS and they told me that since the last flashplayer update the iplayer won't work properly, is this true ? I've tried downloading older versions of the flashplayer, but still no good. So does anyone here know of a fix or firmware update that might put right these issues, or is it something i just now have to live with, I've been reading a lot of bad things over the net regarding adobe flash and the iplayer not being compatible etc etc, anyway any feedback would be greatly appreciated, many thanks in advance :)

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