Bedroom monitor setup using tablet and IP Camera for disabled son - advise reqd.

Discussion in 'Sylvania Tablets' started by meggiedude, Jun 28, 2011.

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    Disgo 6000

    I have just bought one of these Disgo 6000's which I believe from here is a rebranded Sylvania 7" tablet.

    I also have a Foscam PTZ wireless IP Camera

    Aside from using the Disgo as a standard tablet during the day, the idea here is to link the two together via my router and internal wireness network so I can monitor my son at night. Due to his physical disabilites he has an adapted bedroom downstairs, and our bedroom is upstairs.

    So I am after a glorified baby monitor setup, with audio/video.

    I have looked into the 'IP Camera Viewer 'and 'TinyCam' android apps on my phone (and can get video from the camera), as I believe both of these allow 2 way audio for some IP Cameras (I am hoping my foscam is one of them) This 2-way audio only works in the Pro version of these apps, not the Lite version

    I believe one of the issues I may have is the lack of the Market, and have had a look at the long thread (which is still work in progress, although appears to have a fix by the looks of things), but this does not provide the option of paying for the Pro version, unless I have missed something.

    Any advice welcomed.

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