beginner introuble: APPS ereader & others: HEEEEELP!

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Apps' started by liliK, Apr 28, 2011.

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    hello :)
    i've got a Apad Android and.... I'd like to start using it but can't :(
    COuld some one help me with the following questions? thanks in advance :)

    1/ once I have downloaded (from my PC) an Apps eBook reader, how do I install it in my android?

    2/ actually, there is already a ereader in the android but it shows the books that came with the purshase and they are in chinese ( !!and the instruction related to the ebook function also) and I don't know how to add my books (mainly in text, lit, pdf & doc format). What to do?

    3/what do i need to download in order to be able to write/transfer regular on the android?

    4/I have added a mini memory chip in the android but it does not take it into account: what to do?

    very much looking forward to reading your advices and thanking you A LOT for the tips!
    enjoy a great day,


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