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    Keen to get a new tablet and needs some feedback

    Already had a Elken M001 ....crap then a zt180 ok but ....screen crap even after 6 months and firmware up-dates crap screen.

    Need a tablet that runs. You know connects to wifi more than a metre away, lasts at least 4hrs and one that is usable in all its functions.

    HoneyComb 3.0 Android
    1GB CPU or more
    1GB Ram
    Capactive screen
    9.7 0r larger screen
    Good and stable wifi
    Good battery life
    3G with Sim

    Found this one HoneyTab H3: Android 3.0 Honeycomb Tablet, Multi-touch 10.1 Capacitive Screen, 1GHz Dual Core CPU, 1080P HDMI Output, WiFi(3G Version)

    But I would like to heard back on who thinks what is the best bang for buck....
    Quite keen for dual boot.

    Whats you advice for a IT Savvy user or wants more out of the tablet.

    Looked at the Noton Ink and got a invite but they dont ship to us and they are currently at 2.3 not 3.0 android

    Thanks in advance.

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