Best Tablet For A Medical Student

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    I want to buy a tablet and have with very specific demands, although I am not an expert in this field. I hope you guys can help me with an optimal choice.
    As in a description, I will be using tablet almost only for studying. So it does not have to be very fast - just fluent and able to launch aplications like 3d anatomy etc.
    Very important featuresm that I mainly care about are:
    1. Attached stylus, working excellent, fluently, without any delays or jamming
    2. Possibility to work in multitasking mode - split screen view, where I can launch two apps at once and for example take notes in OneNote reading a pdf book opened in another app
    3. Descent battery - for at least one day of hard work; approximately 10 hours of non stop using
    4. Long term actualisation support - I'd like the tablet to work for me for at least 4 years
    5. Price - the less the better, but I will be happy if the cost was similar or a bit lower than Galaxy Tab S2 (but if you have some more expensive ideas, I am happy to review them)
    6. Not neccesarily, but mat screen would be much appreciated.
    As for now, I was adviced these tablets - what do you think about them:
    Galaxy Tab S2(is there stylus attached?)
    Galaxy Tab S3(quite expensive)
    iPad Pro(expensive+ I don't want iOS)
    Galaxy Note 8.0 and 10.1
    Thank you for all your help in advance.

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