Best Tablet For Gaming Under $400

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    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for some recommendations on a new tablet, I'm going to use it mainly for gaming and watching movies/TV shows. My iPad Air broke recently and am looking to get an android alternative.

    What's most essential for me are the specs, the more future-proof it is the better as I won't be getting another tablet for quite some time (5+ years). Things like the camera, keyboard or controller support are secondary as I'll hardly use these features at all.

    Nvidia Shield K1 seemed like a really good choice, however it's impossible to find a new one now at $200. Google’s Pixel C also look pretty awesome with the Tegra X1, but it’s still really expensive even after two years, and I'm not sure if it's really worth it for the steep price.

    What are some good tablets I can get that are best bang for the buck (in term of gaming performance) under $400?

    By the way, as someone who has never owned an android device before, I'm wondering how good are they for gaming in comparison with the iPad? Google store is looking pretty sweet now with plenty of apps, figure it'd be a good time to switch especially if I can get a tablet that's cheaper and with better specs.

    I'm getting pretty tired of apple’s iTunes sync, locked down updates, and the fact that older devices get significantly slower with new iOS updates. Although I wonder how does the Android market fare in comparison, is it a similar thing as well?

    Performance in gaming is my primary concern, how are optimisations on android games in comparison with their iOS counterpart? If I buy an android tablet that have similar spec to an iPad, can I expect the same level of performance in game?

    Future-proofing is another one of my concern, does android tablets get significantly slower in a couple years as well? I will not have the money to purchase a new tablet for a while, so the longer this one lasts me the better it will be.

    Anyway thank you so much for reading this, sincerely appreciate any recommendations that you can give.


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