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Discussion in 'Velocity Micro Tablets' started by magandangwahine, Jul 18, 2011.

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    HP Touchpad, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 inch
    I bought my Velocity Cruz Tablet T301 at Radioshack for 149.00.The box said it ran Android 2.2 and I knew it wouldn't have the Android Market.It does run Android 2.2.1 but it doesn't have flash capability.I was able to set up my gmail and netzero mail accounts *and my wifi easily.I like the substantial feel and build of the tablet. It doesn't look cheap.

    Apps I'm running:Dolphin Browser HD (a nice alternative to the native browser which is kind of slow.)Dropbox,Skype (for chat since no cameras),GTunesMusic,Officesuite Pro,Pandora,Skyfire (a snappy web browser which also let's you watch flash videos),Google Voice,YouTube,ENotes,Quickoffice,Kobo (ebook reader),Repligo Reader (pdf reader and annotates also.),TV Guide,Astro File Manager,App to SD,Friendcaster,Tweetcaster,Twidroyd,Weather forecast widget,

    Markets I use: (since no Android Market)aFreeware,Apkshare,App Store,Amazon app store,C Market,Sam 4.2 (SlideMe),Apps Superstore,FreeWareLovers.

    Cons: There is no native Contacts app. I'm still looking for an alternative.It will not run certain app such as iSilo and an alternative app must be found.Unfortunately there is no alternative for iSilo and the pdb files I want to use which would make my little tablet perfect. So if anyone has had any luck in getting iSilo to install please let me know.

    Pros:Nice look and feel, Long battery life. The internal storage uses part of the SD card so lots of storage.Works smoothly and responds pretty swiftly.I've found it to be a good little tablet for light internet use. Browsing, mail, social networks, ebook reading, music listening and video watching (the video playback is very good quality).
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    glad you are happy with it! Also glad to have you here.


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