Borderlands 2 From Gearbox Software Coming to Tegra 3 Powered Android Devices Soon

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    If you were one of the many folks that were fans of the smash hit "Borderlands", from Gearbox Software, and also happen to own, or plan to own a Tegra 3 powered Android device, then today's news will pique your interest. Apparently, Gearbox software is coming out with a sequel for the PC, the Xbox and the PS3, called "Borderlands 2" that will be launched sometime this summer. Furthermore, they plan to release a port of the game on Tegra 3 powered Android devices as well. There are no specifics yet on whether it will be a full port or spin-off game, or whether it will release at the same time as the other versions. We will keep an eye out and inform you as more details emerge.

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    If this plays decently I'm in.

    My bro in law and I wrung everything we could out of Borderlands and the add-ons.
    It was a great time right till the end.

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