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Discussion in 'Asus TF300 Forum' started by Swordfry, Feb 11, 2014.

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    So I dropped my tablet, and now the screen is broken. BUT the glass is not broken, there are no fractures or cracks in the glass at all. This just shows up when I turn it on. I think the touch controls still work because I can see it lighting up where certain buttons and things are. I read somewhere that this could be a broken digitizer....whatever that is. Anyone know what this is? How much do you think it might cost to repaur or replace? And for that matter: is Geek Squad reliable for this? They are the only place nearby.

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    The LCD beneath the digitizer is broken. That's the most expensive part to replace and the part least likely to be covered under warranty. You're likely looking at a couple hundred dollars just to replace the LCD. I couldn't tell you if Geek Squad can help, but buying a new device might be a better option than Geek Squad.
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