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    Hi. I know there are A LOT of threads about buying new tablets, but still i have a lot of questions. So i'm buying a tablet for around 250$ or less, it should be around 10''(prefer 16:9, not necessary), prefer 1gb or ram and if it is on top of my budget it should have GPS too! I was checking out a lot of tablets, but on youtube most of them are not working smooth. I liked Cube U9GT2, Ployer momo11 and ofcourse Zenithink c91. The last one (c91), is by videos not working as good as other 2. I dont know why everyone is so excited about that one, but on youtube, UI really isnt smooth at all!(mybe i watched only fake one). If im wrong about c91, can you please link me a video of original one? Also, which one do you prefer?
    cube :
    c91: i still dont know where to get original one, but it's the cheapest :D

    Ofc im open for other suggestions, so please, HELP.
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