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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by ambermC, Aug 15, 2012.

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    I am just a student.My budget is only $100.So I want to buy a cheap tablet.
    Just word processing and video playback.
    How about this one?I am not familiar with this brand.Good quality?Which one look better?
    7'' 8GB Android 4.0 5 Point Capacitive Touch Screen Tablet PC (Wi-Fi,1.2GHz Gsensor,512M DDR3 Gsensor) | BrainyDeal
    7" 1.5 GHz Tablet PC 4GB Google Android 4.0 TFT Capacitive Touch Screen, 800*480 1080p and 5-8 Hours Battery Life | BrainyDeal
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    Nov 8, 2011
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    Onda VX610W Deluxe 7 Inch Android 4.0 Tablet PC Capacitive Touch Screen Allwinner A10 Onda VX610W Deluxe 7 Inch Android 4.0 Tablet PC Capacitive Touch Screen Allwinner A10 [OVX610W] - $108.99 : China Tablet PC - Android Tablet PC - Consumer Electroni

    Hi, i can recommend this tab & supplier. they are supporting vendors on this forum so are trustworthy & reliable. i use them myself 7 have had no problems, they only sell genuine branded tabs, not cheaper oem copies with low quality control & after sales service. i would rather pay a little extra for the peace of mind this brings. onda are a well known chinese brand & this tab is ideal for vdieo playback upto 2160p so is ideal for your needs. i would also recommend ainol tabs but the low price ones are mips based & i'm not sure you would find the apps you might need or updates, both companies regularly post updates so i may be wrong there but to be on the safe side , i would go with the onda tab myself. if you're not so sure check out their site & im sure you will find a suitable tab for your needs.

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