cabled ethernet connection via usb

Discussion in 'Toshiba Tablets' started by trennMaschine, Oct 31, 2011.

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    Toshiba Thrive 32G, Droid 2
    I'd like to use my Thrive 32G for some troubleshooting on network appliances and need a RJ45 connection in order to do this. I've been looking at a number of usb to ethernet adaptors, but none so far (Cisco, D-Link, Belkin, CablesToGo) have support for Android. I did see a thread in another development forum where someone mentioned being able to plug an adapter into the dock and that it should work there, but didn't mention what specific adapter was being used. Has anyone here gotten a connection like this to work? If so, which adapter did you use? Thanks for the input - I'm running out of cycles searching for this...

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