Calling all Canadians: JELLY BEAN IS HERE (99% sure)

Discussion in 'Asus TF300 Forum' started by Walkop, Aug 24, 2012.

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    Hey all!

    I was just on the dedicated ASUS Transformer Forums, posting about my latest firmware update in Canada. It was about 1:00AM, and I was just shutting down my TF300T, but I decided to check for the Jelly Bean update one last time before I shut down. I checked for the update, but it said that there was an error downloading the update (I was updating apps at the time). Excited, I rushed to stop the updates but they were already finishing by themselves. Anyway, I went back to the Settings app and checked for the update. It started downloading immediately! Its been downloading for about 20-25 minutes now, it is 1:19PM at the moment of my writing this. It is currently at 42%.

    Based on the size of the update (how long it is taking on my 700KB/s connection), it could only be Jelly Bean! Looks like us Canadians aren't being treated like a third-wheel this time around ;)

    Any other Canadians got Jelly Bean yet? I'll update on my status around 9:00 tomorrow!
    Best wishes! :D

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