Camera output onto tablet?

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by mazzaballoo, Aug 9, 2012.

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    My younger sister has special needs. She has a camcorder (Sony handycam hdr cx-12) that is adapted for her, but doesn't have the greatest vision so can't really see the viewfinder very well. Meaning she can't see what she is filming until we put it on the TV for her.
    We are wondering if there is a way to hook her camera up to a tablet so she can view the live feed on there (pretty much as a portable monitor). The camera has USB out, a mini hdmi port, and digital and analog A/V out. Is there a way of doing this, or do we need to go a different route? I have noticed that most tablets seem to have HDMI out, but not in.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks a ton.
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    Hello mazza, unfortunately current tablets aren't very good at taking input. One possibility is to look into Windows tablets which should be available around late October but will also be fairly expensive since they are basically full computers in tablet form.

    Another option is to hook the camera to a pc or laptop and then you can use remote desktop mode to see what the computer is seeing. The problem there is that you will be tied to the computer and it sort o defeats the purpose of having the tablet.

    One last thing I can think of is looking for a third party device that can take output from the camera and transmit it via wifi. You could then have the tablet receive the signal via wifi and possibly have a live feed. I am sure these types of devices exist for the movie and tv industry but I am not sure of the cost or availability to the average person.

    Good luck.
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