can i get some help in choosing a tablet.... (sorry its a bit general)

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    I am in the market for my first tablet. all i want it for it to play .mp4 and .avi video files on a great screen. (preferably scratch resistant)
    video format will be from a flip HD camcorder, i believe the files are .,mp4.
    Looking for a 10.1 screen , or a 9.7

    but there are SO many tablets, where to start? i dont want the new nexus as too small a screen, should i go with a brand name expensive or a lesser known cheaper model? i keep hearing about ainol tablets.. but their name sounds terrible.. (how is the build quality and the screen resolution compared to samsung or ipads?)

    is anyone eable to recommend something in the UK?
    is a Ipad worth getting for my needs or overkill? but then that would rule out asus pads, motorola xoom and samsung.. i need help...

    Edit - i went to pc world and currys yesterday, hoping to get a galaxy 10.1 as seen them advertised at £200 would have been perfect, but none left in stock.. i still didnt get to have a play with any tablets as those that were on were in demo mode.
    i know the question is vague but was looking for any opinions from those that had owned / used many different tablets, or those that were in my piosition and just went for a cheaper model, i would like to hear your thoughts.
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