Cannot transfer music/films onto sd card-please help!

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    Dear All,

    Hope everyone had a good xmas/new year!
    I bought 2 tabtech MO10S tablets from wendy lou on amazon marketplace for my kids for xmas. They arrived in black boxes with also purchased 2 16 gb sd cardsand a card reader The tablets are version v1.5.5.

    My kids now want to transfer music and films onto the sd card. I tried doing this by using the card reader, but my pc could not recognise the cards kept saying please insert disk/disk not formatted etc. The tablet recognises the sd card when inserted so this is working.

    Basically what I am asking is how do I transfer files on tablet for storage on sdcard?. I bought myself the same tabtech 6 months ago my version is v1.5.0 mine came with white usb lead to connect tablet directly to pc.The kids tablets have a smaller socket on side for connection of a lead, I emailed wendy lou she said these do not have a lead/come with lead, please can you confirm this. Also what do I do, hope I make sense. I have also emailed newandroid for help!, not sure if I am being stupid or not.

    Any pointers would be welcomed!



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