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    I have an android media box that I am able to attach a sata 2.5" drive on to. The "box" also has a sd card slot which I utilized to transfer some movie files from my samsung galaxy tab 3 to the hard drive attached to the box. I am able to access and play those files with no problem using the android jellybean os. Xbmc however does not recognize that there is an sata dive mounted to the box. Very similarly a friend of mine purchased one of those Walmart black friday RCA tablets and downloaded MAME with the intention to place the game roms on the sdcard but in the same fashion MAME doesnt see the card. I should mention that on my media box that through settings when I look for the sata drive it is there but it gives me no information on storage size used or available, just the option to unmount sd safely.
    I guess my qustion would be is there some setting that i am missing with these various extra storage devices that needs to be attended to in order for them to be utilized by various apps?

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