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Discussion in 'WonderMedia Based' started by velet, Dec 31, 2011.

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    i have this tablet PocketDroid Christmas White - Mini Android 2.3 Tablet with 4.3 Inch Touchscreen (WiFi) and i have a serious calibration problem. So i have decided to flash uberoid in hopes that it will fix my problem. But when i insert the sd card and turn the tablet on,it boots normally instead of flasing uberoid. here is what i did:

    -download the files
    -run changer.bat
    -choose option 51 ( for 4.3" tablets)
    -format the SD into fat32
    -copy the files to the SD
    -insert the SD into the tablet
    -turn the tablet on

    and it just boots into stock rom. what am i doing wrong? what is the problem here?

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