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    Fellow Forum Members,
    My plan is to buy an Asus tablet to install in my car as a Car PC. I want to keep my music library on an external USB hard drive and have my Tablet connected to it via a USB cable.

    What is putting my plan on hold is finding the BEST Honeycomb based Jukebox app. I would appreciate hearing from folks out there with their opinion on what is the best Jukebox app to install on a Asus Tablet and that will offer the following features:

    1. Voice command music track select.
    2. Have a GUI that is easy to navigate.
    3. When I turn my car on my tablet turns on and this Jukebox app delivers a CUSTOMIZABLE touch-friendly media player front end that plays music videos and music.
    4. A jukebox app that can play all formats; MP3, AVI, WMA, MOV, APE, MPG, etc....

    Any opinions greatly welcomed!
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