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    Android N900 PC Tablet
    How long do I need to charge my tablet before I start using it? I currently have it connected by usb to my lap top, but have since read this will not do the job. So I can connect it to a proper charger. But for how long? I have a N900 Android Tablet 4.0 PC
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    Better question What don't I own, Oh a generic APAD
    Normally on most tablets, they have three indicators from the Power LED. This varies from Vendor to vendor.
    Indicators are normally
    1. Power LED will be lit until Charged if not powered on. It will go dark once fully charged
    2. Power LED will blink until charged and then be dark
    3. Power LED will be continously lit until charged and then go to a Blinking state once charged
    Or potentially a variation of one of these.

    The question is though how does the unit charge, if it does not power/charge through USB port and has its own Power supply. Most units will fully charge if totally drained within 4-5 hours. Otherwise 1-2 hours
    If powered through USB, the duration is dependent whether the unit is powered on and in use. Some take as long as 8 hours if in use.
    Hope this helps

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