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    Hey everybody. I have a Coby Kyros MID1024 tablet, and one of the things that has always bothered me about it is the resolution of the screen (not physical pixel density). Even though the tablet has a 16:9 screen, it seems like the resolution is set for closer to a 16:10 screen. I have tried changing the software LCD density, but that doesn't change the dimensions of the screen.

    Does anybody have any suggestions that might help with this?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    (And sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I wasn't exactly sure where to post it)
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    Hi Wasteland,

    welcome to the forums.

    The pixel aspect ratio is something of the actual screen panel used. You might be able to change it in software by modifying the resolution, but similarly as doing this on a computer/laptop with a flatpanel screen, if you use a resoltion different from the actual tablet, the end result is considerably worse.

    I found a similar thread for another tablet here:

    Can I fix the aspect ratio? -
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