(cheap) Android-Tablet (Asia?) with 3G, G-Sensor, GPS, webcam, backcam? (Dubai?)

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    Is there a product finder, which shows me all the tablets meet my needs?

    Is there a cheap Android-tablet with 7" or 10" or ..., and full of "telephone equipment"?
    3G, at least 800x480 (or more), G-sensor and GPS (internal). Compass would be a good gimmick (e.G. street view compass mode, but also more serious apps)
    Phone function would be good.
    Webcam (screen side), and possible photo-camera (back).

    Android 2.2 should be available or announced.
    Please capacitive multi-touch. No pressure sensitive "single touch"

    An often-selling device (get used)?
    Is there for example Cheap but good, Asian or Chinese products?
    Worth a buy in Dubai (new)?

    What is for example with this device?:
    Newest 10.2 Inch Android 2.2 Infotm Internal GPS HDMI Tablet PC - China Hot Selling 3g Mid Gps 3g,Popular Android 2.2 Mid,2011 10.2 Inch Mid Wifi Gps in Notebook & Laptop Computer

    I find no direct dealer (in USA, EU Europe, Germany...).
    But the manufacturer sells it directly to consumers.
    $ 165
    $ 40 postage.

    Thanks ...
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