Chinese WM8650 9.7" help!

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Hacking' started by blaide, Aug 28, 2011.

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    coby kyros mid7015
    I bought a Ipad 2 imitation tablet in Beijing this past May and read everything I could find about rooting it and flashing with a new ROM to install Android market and other apps, but ended up Bricking the first tablet, even after trying every ROM I could find. I'm hoping since then other people have had some success and can help me. I fought with the dealer at Silk Street in Beijing where I bought it and they finally gave me a replacement. I've been afraid to try anything since.

    It is a 9.7" tabl;et that looks just like the Ipad 2. It even says Ipad 2 on the back with 128 Gig of memory and the apple logo.

    It has a blue light on the back button upon start up. The about device screen says:

    Model # Wondermedia WM8650

    Android Version 2.2

    Kernal Version

    Build Numbe: Generic-eng 2.2 Froyo V1.2.0-20110321.152349

    The headphone jack on the top of the unitis just a hole along the silver frame. It does not have a black plasic ring or sleeve that I can see.

    Does anyone have this tablet and have you been successful in rooting, ROM flashing it and installing Androisd market? If so, can you please give me detailed instructions on how to proceed?

    The current condition of the tablet as I bought it is useless to me. Can't install Android apps, even from other markets, Angry Birds plays real slow and jittery, Wifi won't connect.
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    You shouldn't attempt to flash any ROM you find.
    You need to make sure it is likely to be correct before flashing it.
    The seller you purchased from should be able to provide you with a ROM that you can flash on it and you should have asked the seller rather than flashing anything you can find.

    Interesting imitation. Only chinese would dare to this...LOL

    Try all the rooting apps in the other thread

    Rooting will NOT brick your hardware, at worse, you just can't root it.

    Make sure the you have enabled the option "Unknown sources" in the settings page and then you can install any app from SD card.

    Angry birds or other app runs slow or lag is most likely because you have purchased a low end tablet which simply don't have the cpu/gpu to handle the game you are trying to run.
    ROM flashing is not likely to fix the problem because it will not magically allow your cpu/gpu to run a lot faster.

    You are best to purchase a tablet with higher specifications, e.g. the Gen-E tablet we sell maybe a good option.
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    Hi there - It sounds very similar to the neopad9.7(m902). (opened the case, M008s V13)

    Model, version, kernal and build are all the same and from what you said about its look, i think it might be...
    In Australia its imported by, they have limited support for it, but today i got an email from their service department saying they are about to upload to mediafile the default flash.

    Does the camera sit off center on the unit?
    Does the back button go red when you power it?
    Is the back button an incomplete circle with an arrow as apposed to a square?

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    Hope that helps
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