Chippewamom needs advice on Asus Transformer

Discussion in 'Asus TF101/SL101 Forum' started by chippewamom, Oct 7, 2011.

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    First of all, a confession. I am addicted to Facebook's Farm Town. Don't laugh, there are hundreds of thousands of us. That being said, I am looking for something to travel with that is a lot easier to manage than my laptop. I checked out the Asus Transformer last night and think that might be the tablet for me. Once on Facebook, I was able to access my farms on Farm Town. However, none of the graphics were visible (I did not have them hidden).:mad: The sales person said it might just be an update problem but I am not willing to put out the $$$ if I am out of town for a long period of time and can't harvest my crops and milk my cows (they get really PO'd if not milked regularly :)) addition to accessing my email and other some other time-wasting activities. Can someone advise on this issue or tell me where to go (one of the few times that will happen) to find an answer to my question. Thanks.

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