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    I'd like to find a chipset (and later on a tablet with this chipset of course) that can play all the video formats you usually have your movies on your pc (I don't want to convert them)- mkv, avi, mp4 etc. - with all types of compression - h.264, mpeg4 etc. and supporting HD playback - 1080p. I think that all the chipsets should be able to decode whatever format depending on the soft you have (something like installing codecs on your pc and then playing all the formats and compressions you want), of course it will depend on speed, but are the android cpus really like that or are there some other restricitions (I mean they are not PCs processors)?
    Of course, I've looked through some chipsets and I guess the CORTEX A9 and the Rockchip 29xx series should do the trick, but I'm not really sure. If you have any other suggestions regarding such chipsets please share your thoughts.

    Here's a great list I found on the forum, but I'm still not too sure of all the chipsets that fit my requirements:
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