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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by markland556, Aug 2, 2011.

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    Well i have decided that a tablet would be a great asset to me for my work.
    Basically here is they few features im looking for:

    Ability to root the device or any general hacking (just because i like to live outside the circle) :rolleyes:

    An RJ-45 port, i really dont want some USB adapter that im going to snap off, iv seen a few chinese ones that offer this ethernet port onboard and that is my priority number 1. But if its a sleek usb adapter id consider it..

    Ability to run an actual Android OS ( Id like to run an OS that actually has support for updates and any other little features that might pop up in the future)

    A keyboard would be very nice, Iv seen the Asus eee tablet and though a slideout keyboard would be nice, but if i had a case that had a little keyboard attached when flipped open that would work as well...

    Wifi of coarse...

    I am a cable guy and like to be able to go into customers houses whip out my tablet, fire up Google chrome browser (Mozilla and IE require a stupid download through Comcast when im installing and Chrome bypasses this check) :D
    The keypad would be nice just for having to type in account numbers and all sorts of other info...
    Iv been hooked into my Iphone and hate being stuck in Apples stupid little bubble.. Time for android..

    Im willing to go with a cheap chinese unit for cost, I figure ill drop this thing a few times or might even lose it, so being out $120~ is better than $400..

    Please let me know if anything comes into mind..
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