Christmas Shopping 2012 - Teenage boys!

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by jessica808, Jul 6, 2012.

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    Starting my christmas shopping and was thinking about buying my 16yr old triplets tablets. I can only afford about 170-200 a piece.

    I have been eyeing out the Ainol Aurora 2 that most been recommending out here. However, I was wondering what is the best 10" piece for the same price and the be equivalent to the Ainol Aurora 2.

    this is what my kids will use it for:
    Skyping, facebook, netflix, music, youtube, and a bunch of gaming ( the hard core one, not finger swipe action), internet browsing (hopefully flash enabled).

    Another key function would be bluetooth..but I assuming that its impossible for my price range.

    I do know, i get what i pay for and i cant expect the ipad3 for a my price range. I was just wondering what is other good possibilties that are in the same range as the Ainol Aurora 2. Honestly, the only reason why i want to search for a bigger than 7" comes along the line "bigger more factor!"
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    Welcome Jessica. It is definitely difficult to get top specs and a big screen at a low price. You will probably have to make some decisions about what features to get and leave out to hit your price point. I think the best bang for your buck right now is the Nexus 7 tablet by Google. Of course it is only a 7" screen but has about the most power you can get in that price range.

    Of course there is a lot of time between now and the holidays so the best thing might be to get an idea of the balance of features to cost and then hold out to see what drops in price or new devices come out over the next couple of months. Check those devices against your list of features and chances are something will pop up that meets your requirements.


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