Chrome 29 introduces reset button, omnibox improvements

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    Summary: The latest version of Google's browser is out for download, and now includes a bevy of updates including a reset button, and a new omnibox algorithm that will result in more "relevant" suggestions.

    [​IMG] By Zack Whittaker for Between the Lines |August 20, 2013 -- 21:47 GMT (14:47 PDT)

    (Screenshot: ZDNet)

    Google has released the latest version of its Chrome browser, version 29, on Tuesday, in line with its usual release cycle.

    Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and Android, the new version includes a number of new features. With Chrome 29, users will start to see new suggestions in the omnibox — the dual address and search bar — which the search giant says will result in "more timely and contextually relevant suggestions." Users on the Mac will also receive desktop notifications so they will see updates from their apps and extensions.

    The highlighted feature is the "reset button," which allows users to start afresh with a brand new version of the same browser. It's as part of efforts to declunk the browser if it gets into an unruly state with too many extensions. Themes, bookmarks, and apps will remain unchanged.

    Chrome on Android will also receive improved scrolling and better performance starting up. It also comes with WebRTC (Real-Time Communications) support, the new protocol that supports real-time audio and video without requiring a plugin.

    The browser for Android will be pushed to the Google Play store in the next few days, the company said.

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