Chrome Beta For Android Updated — Fixes Graphical Corruption And Crashes

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    By Rajesh Pandey on April 20th, 2013

    Last night, the Chrome team updated the beta version of Chrome for Android to v27.0.1453.60 that includes some bug-fixes and includes some new bugs as well.

    The list of bugs that have been squashed are as follows -:

    • 226691: Graphical corruption and blank tabs in tab switcher mode
    • 222805: Most Visited section thumbnails are misaligned in landscape mode for RTL languages
    • 228883: Search is still performed via Google when re-submitting omnibox query after switching search engine
    • Flicker while opening new tabs
    • Fixes for some frequently occurring crashes
    • chrome://history sometimes show duplicate items

    However, being a beta some bugs are still present in this update including page flickering during navigation, and Chrome lagging when opening a new tab.

    On my Nexus 4 and the Galaxy S3, Chrome and Chorme Beta are completely unusable for me. They both lag and stutter while loading slightly heavy websites, and even general zooming and panning around is not satisfactory. Given that both the phones in question here have quad-core CPUs, this is completely unacceptable.

    Hopefully, the move to a new rendering engine in Chrome – Blink – will solve all the lag and rendering issues of Chrome for Android. A blink engine based Chrome version for Android, however, at best, is still more than a couple of months away.

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