Clean Market Theme for Market v3.0.26

Discussion in 'Coby Generation 1 Technical' started by dirty.redz, Jul 16, 2011.

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    Wasn't really happy with the stock look of the new market, so i made a few small changes, tell me what you think

    Get Market HERE

    Get ADB script HERE

    Get ADB files HERE

    Connect to your PC via USB Storage Enabled (menu + notification + USB to PC + USB Storage Enabled)
    Copy the Cleanvending.apk & rename it to "vending.apk", and apply_Market_v3.0.26.cmd, and unzipped "ADB files"
    To your NAND Drive Letter: Example L:\ (do not use your SD card) it won't work.
    Under XP Windows Explorer or MY COMPUTER, or COMPUTER Drive Letter for NAND
    Double click on: apply_Market_v3.0.26.cmd, ENJOY!

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