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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by jaymar13, Sep 27, 2012.

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    Im familiar with pcs and i am a little naive with android tablet and have two issues/questions;

    my friends ipad has the icloud and he showed me how all he does to back up his tablet is turn on icloud and select things such as apps, data, etc and hey presto its all backed up to the icloud, any issue with his ipad and its all retrievable via the icloud. I realize there are many cloud back ups, i use a couple on my pc for particular types of data i wish to back up but can i get a cloud back up (perhaps designed specifically for android) that will allow me to do more or less the same thing as my friends icloud does for his ipad? ie i download an app, have an account, tell the app what things i want it to back up?

    secondly, ive had a hard time getting used to the file table/system on android and understanding it... with my pc i regularly keep my registry clean and efficient and i like to have a clear understanding of where my data is and clear out unwanted junk and folders and any other useless leftovers from programs. -i do this manually and use such programs as ccleaner. i use the popular 'es file explorer' on my tablet to move/find data but it doesnt tell me if a folder is surplus and left behind by a long ago deleted app, in fact im not even sure if this is necessary with android os?! is there a ccleaner type app for android? also can i jack my tablet into my pc to browse it and edit files and folders, copy of data etc? (is there a pc program for this? -all i seem to be able to do is charge it)

    ps my tablet is a samsung galaxy tab 10.1 running android 3.0 if that information is needed

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