cnm tablet - anyway of fixing?

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    Hiya all,

    Im new to this forum so i hope im posting in the correct place. I have done a search of the forum for any questions like mine but cant find the same quesion.

    We have had the touchpad (CNM) for about 3 weeks now. Its worked fine, a little slow but perfect for the gaming my young son wanted it for. (angry birds etc)
    Yesterday he brought it to me and said when he had turned it on the screen was in his words 'all funny'.

    $tablet h2.jpg

    As you can see (i hope the pictures uploaded ok) there is lines across the screen when its turned on, and these move when you move your finger across the screen. There is noises coming for the tablet but its near enough uselss now as you cant work it. There is no picture/background under the lines.

    I was wondering what might have caused this? and is there anyway of fixing it?

    I asked my son for the truth, if he dropped it or anything else by accident, but he says he didnt, and there is no sign on the screen being damaged with any cracks or chips or anything, but i know this doesnt mean the insides are not damaged.

    I know its a long shot but thought i would post here and ask if there was any hope for it before i put it in the junk pile.

    Thanks alot
    Lucy x

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