Coby Kryos vs NC vs Tegra2 vs ??

Discussion in 'Coby Tablets' started by fyrebryan, Mar 10, 2011.

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    So i'm looking into tablets now.. for various reasons.
    #1 is book reading
    #2 is general internet browsing
    #3 (not nearly as important as 1 or 2) is light gaming

    I can do all on my iphone 3gs but i'd like a larger screen... i love my iphone and its wonderful when I dont have wifi, but in cases i do have wifi, i'd just love a better experience.

    Options that I've found are as follows:

    #1 Coby Kyros ($137 at
    #2 Nook Color ($250 at various places)
    #3 Nvidia Tegra2 ($300+ at various places.. think i found the elocity A7 at amazon for $309)

    I'd like some discussion about which is the best for the $$..

    I know the Kyros is the less expensive.. and there seems to be some active development going on it.. but i dont see much about moving it up to froyo 2.2 or an overclocking kernel

    on the other hand... i see a impressively massive development effort on the NC.. including froyo and honeycomb roms and some stable overclocking kernels and i think flash support. very impressive..

    lastly is the Nvidia Tegra2... probably specifically the elocity A7. I didnt see a whole lot of mod support out there for it, however its probably the most impressive hardware.. saw a review on it that it ran flash better than any other device out there...

    Now.. i'm not totally hung up on flash (although that seems to be the big metric on performance is how well/if at all the device will run flash).. and yes i'm comfortable rooting and moding whichever tablet i get..

    so here's the condinsned version:
    Coby Kyros: Like the price point
    Nook Color: Good hardware and large mod community
    elocity A7: most impressive hardware

    Really just looking for opinions and discussion on if the NC and the A7 are worth the extra $$ jump and why...
    Is the NC the best option because of the huge mod community out there for it?
    should i go ahead and spend the extra $ on the A7 because its pretty awesome hardware?
    are there other options i've missed? Is there new hardware coming out soon that I might want to wait for? (not interested in the Ipad2 even though it looks awesome or dropping more than $350 really)
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    Feb 23, 2011
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    I had the same dilemma, and here's the conclusion I came to. Tablets are just now becoming popular, that the prices for what's considered high end now will drop drastically in 6 months. I bought.a tablet mainly for reading, with light browsing and market, and settled on the coby kyros for the price, and saved my money for later this summer when the galaxy tab for example will be much cheaper.

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