Coby Kyros 7024, and Evertek/Genesis GT 7105 - WWYD ?

Discussion in 'Coby Generation 2' started by blablabla84, Mar 17, 2012.

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    I need some help. I'm planning on buying my first tablet... Of course I would like it to be a samsung galaxy tab... but the budget is limited =/

    My needs are simple... probably some 256mb 600mhz could be suffice. But come on... I can spend a lil bit more.

    So I'll use this tablet to read some ebooks. Acctually some RPG books that aren't optimized for ebooking... The great part of these archives are PDF's that are scanned in rasterized formats (essentially, the .pdf is a great collection of .jpgs ... even the text) this makes the books huge (in comparison with the optimized pdfs that are ocr'ed) Something like 60-80MB.

    Also I need to zoom in and out quite frequently, so the multtouch, or any kind of "intelligent zoom system" is quite desirable

    #1 be able to open large pdf files (60-80MB)
    #2 be able to zoom in and out easily

    So my searching lead me here... with a pair of options: Coby Kyros 7024, and Evertek/Genesis GT 7105 ? What Would You Do ?

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