Coby Kyros 7048 Display Screen Colors Are Weird

Discussion in 'Coby Generation 3 Technical' started by spotty1d, Feb 2, 2014.

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    coby kyros mid7048,sony s 10',samsung galaxy 3 10'(2)
    I am new, and I have a problem. I did manage to root the tablet to get google play on tablet...been working fine for a little more than 2 months. This morning, the colors on the screen are all weird...darker/ the touch screen part still works fine, when I can see whats going on...went to display, turned the brightness all the way up/ that did not help...played around with the over settings lcd change at all..... So I decided to reset it to factory settings to see if that would fix it..nope, and now cant really read the screen to enter my google gmail into of screen are darker than others

    before I reset it, I checked a few apps out ,they all work fine, so I'm thinking its the screen itself? or some kind of lightbulb? IDK ,but I need some guidance as I nned to fix I don't have to fix the big peoples tablets ,my sony s and my husbands and my son's Samsung tab's

    We do have the tab velcroed into a sturdier 7' tablet case to protect it, but my 2 yr old is kinda rough with everything/we searched for a tablet cover for this coby, but there are not any that I found, so I took to the Velcro...It does not come out of the case/ but its possible he dropped it or stepped on it @28lbs ...

    The screen is not cracked, nor does the case itself look damaged----just the lack of colors/light in display....I've got a lot of dull green and all the other colors are muted and does not look like it did last night. Any help is appreciated in advance , as I did not find this problem in the other threads ,
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    Coby Kyros MID9742, Lenovo Tab 4 (8"), numerous phones
    It's appears the backlight for the LCD has gone south. If you're still within the warranty you can try taking it back to the place you bought it from and either exchange it or return it. Otherwise, you'll have to search for a broken unit on ebay that has a good LCD and cannibalize it for parts. With Coby out of business, sending it to them is out of the question, so your options are few.
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