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Discussion in 'Coby Generation 3' started by Giilberto, Jan 15, 2014.

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    Coby Kyros MID-7048

    Hello friends.

    Well after solving my previous question, which I have to thank a lot to vampirefo.

    If anyone has the same problem here is:

    Well, now my problem is that the tablet does not recognize Wi-Fi

    Search options and add red, dark gray out, ie, that can not be selected.

    And next to the icon Wi-Fi Settings, leaves only the "NO", next to "NO", nothing comes out, uh [No / ] When should say "YES" on the other side, but when my achievement of finger move "NO" to "YES" this appears and says "Turning Wi-Fi" and this is so is simply not recognized

    If someone has the answer please would greatly appreciate that answer.

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