Coby Kyros Table Monitor?

Discussion in 'Coby Generation 1' started by sharpieboss, Jan 6, 2011.

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    Ok, here we go:

    Android tablets are generally supplemental to superior computers no? So when I'm sitting at my laptop I don't have much use for a tablet at all, except that it serves as a sort of second monitor. This led me to an Idea.

    What if there was an application that would allow your MAC, PC, or Linux box to use your Coby Kyros (or any android tablet) as a second screen?

    This would be useful to any traveling businessman or student who wants to take advantage of multiple monitors, without lugging a second ,mostly nonfunctional, monitor around.

    To clarify, I would like the application to replicate the effects of the Mimo Mini USB monitor

    The Coby Kyros is only $50 more and has many more applications.


    plausible? suggestions? already exist? Please comment and be constructive.

    thank you.

    note: this is my first day here, so please play nice.
    TL;DR: I want the Coby Kyros to become a second monitor for my PC.
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    well, there's already a usb stack on it as evidenced by the ability to connect a keyboard and usb drives (IIRC). you'd probably have to have root access to get low-level enough to directly access the usb devices.. sounds possible, though.. might take some driver hacking (i.e. write your own).

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