Coby MID7022 Boot Loop

Discussion in 'Coby Generation 2 Technical' started by mbalug, Jan 3, 2013.

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    Hi to everyone! I have a coby mid7022. I wanted a market on my tablet,but things went wrong.I downloaded and and I copied it on sd-card. With system update I installed and then I can't enter to recovery..I downloaded a stock recovery and installed it via fastboot and now a have a boot loop..I can only see a coby logo...If somebody can help me how to solve this problem i will be very thankful.. and tablet isn't mine,because I need to fix it for small time.. thanks :) P.S. sorry for my very bad eanglish :)

    EDIT:I can enter to fastboot and FWDN Mode. As I said. I flashed recovery but I can't enter to recovery..When I write in fastboot: fastboot boot recovery.img,my tablet has a restart which never end...So tell mi is it bricked or I can fix it with some method?
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