Coby Tablets flash player, skype and facebook resolved

Discussion in 'Coby Generation 3' started by Nael, May 7, 2013.

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    Hello guys,

    im sure half of you at least had problems downloading flash player, facebook, skype.... on their coby tablets because GETJAR store kinda suck!

    Thats why today im gonna give you the best alternative for GETJAR so you can stop wasting your time : 1mobile just download that app and ull feel like you are on google store ;) facebook and skype downloads are guaranteed.

    As for flash player i recommend that u download flash player 10.3 version that you can find on the bottom of this link once you click on it: Download free Adobe Flash Player app for Android at Freeware Lovers just try all the flash 10.3 options and one should do on your tablet.

    Hope i did help you and enjoy guys, cheers!!

    We removed the link to 1mobile as the site has been known to offer warez.
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    No. The best alternative is to put Google Play on the tablet. There are posts in Generation 3 Development that cover the topic.
    A better alternative for Flash Player is to get it straight from the source: Archived Flash Player versions .
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