Compiling libCustomWifi for tiwlan01 to support *ad-hoc

Discussion in 'Archos Tablets' started by ebarcus, Feb 24, 2011.

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    Looking for help on this one
    According to this link: » Ad-hoc Wifi in Android

    there would be three options for adding ad-hoc support to the Archos devices.
    the "manual" method for me just wont work and is a super pain (if using more than one ad-hoc network)

    the option to remask IBSS networks with the asterik prefix however WOULD be genius!
    It would allow us to connect to any ad-hoc network as you are use to doing now through the android settings.

    According to SZYM
    With my a70 (250gb) the build.prop file shows that wifi.interface=tiwlan0

    also see these notes
    Interestingly enough my Hauwei s7 gained ad-hoc support by using the wpa_supplicant file from my rooted droid1, this file does not work on the Archos however I think we will need a modified version of this file for our devices. The file will need ap_scan=2 at least
    Also I have modified both tiwlan.ini tiwlan_ap.ini to change the variable WIFIAdhoc to be a 1 instead of a 0 in both files in "preparation"

    I saw that the source for these tablets was out, I suppose that is where we will have to start with compiling libCustomWifi anyone have any other ideas? (i have a week of vacation coming up haha lets put it to good use)

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