Concurrent Applications often Restart

Discussion in 'Sony Tablet S' started by matt999, Dec 14, 2011.

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    It seems that only a certain number of applications can run concurrently and keep their complete state on the Sony tablet. When you go too far (too many applications open) the older ones don't seem to remember their application state completely. For example if I have a couple of tabs open in the browser, then I switch to a couple of other apps, when I return to the browser the content "might" still be there, or very often the browser re-loads all of the tabs.

    Same thing for Angry Birds. I might have a level open, then switch to a couple of other apps, then when I switch back the game re-starts. I don't lose any progress, but the current level is abandoned and i have to re-select it.

    This does not seem like the "force close" problem, but it has the same effect - the app essentially restarts.

    Is this due to how Android works? Do applications have to give up some of their resources, and thus lose some of their state information, if requested by the OS because other apps were run?

    Is there a way I can monitor this behavior in the Settings app, or even tweak things to manage how this works?

    - Matt
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    This sounds like Android task managing. I am not aware of any way to change this part of Android. There are third party task killers but generally those will interfere with Android's task managing in a negative way. Just let it be and you should be fine. If you do find a way to change it you will most likely have sluggishness and degraded performance in return for your efforts.


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