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    Do you ever reminisce of the good ole days of coin-op video games? Do you have fond memories of blasting bad guys with huge guns while running through a pixelated jungle setting? If this sounds familiar to you, then you probably tried the game Contra back in the eighties and wasted your allowance trying to get just a little farther in the game. If this description fits you, or if you just feel like playing a solid and fun platform action game, then you will be pleased to learn that the game has been resurrected for Android.

    Contra: Evolution is now available in the Google Play Store, and it can be had for only a buck! That's right, for far less then you probably spent trying to beat that one annoying boss, you can have the game all to yourself for as long as you want, with only 4 quarters required. It's even been updated with higher resolution graphics!

    Here's a quick description from the Play Store followed by a link to grab yours!

    Source: Google Play Store
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