Convert an OG Kindle Fire Into a Pseudo-Nexus 7 with Android 4.2/Jelly Bean (Video)

Discussion in 'Android Tablet News' started by dgstorm, Dec 18, 2012.

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    The above is a demo video that shows off an original Kindle Fire tablet that has been converted into an Android 4.2/Jelly Bean toting facsimile of a Nexus 7. The folks at Liliputing put together this handy video demoing the newly transformed tablet. They used a method shared by XDA developer "Hashcode." The build is almost 100% functional and is only missing a small amount of features. After the conversion you won't be able to use the microphone, although the sound still works. You also won't be able to use the Swype keyboard, will lose the USB camera support, and the battery life will be worse.

    Obviously, the other glaring difference is that the display isn't the same resolution as the Nexus 7 nor is the processor the same, but the newly altered tablet should still make a reasonable approximation. It seems like a great way to re-tool an older Kindle Fire if you have already upgraded to the Kindle Fire HD. Seems like an intriguing idea...

    Source: Liliputing
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    Also works for the Nook Tablet which is similar in spec to the OG Kindle Fire (same chip but NT has 1GB of RAM (16GB model) and expandable storage). NT makes a great Jelly Bean tablet (Quadrant score of 3509 just in daily use without fresh reboot or closed apps, etc.) so I am sure this would be one too.

    I actually find the NT to be very comparable to the Nexus 7 in practical use as far as performance.
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    I am now running Jelly Bean 4.2 on my Kindle Fire 1 and I love it. There are drawbacks but overall the experience is superior to the Amazon Gingerbread. One thing really bugging me, though, is that device encryption doesn't seem to "take". Anyone run into this?

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