copying image files to my N7 and viewing them in Gallery

Discussion in 'Nexus 7' started by freedda, May 18, 2013.

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    I've been downloading photos to my Nexus 7 and placing them in folders like:

    Storage/emulated/0/pictures/my images/

    I noticed when viewing in my file manager app, that these folders (with files) seem to get copied/emulated in a 'root' folder:

    (Root) /storage/emulated/Legacy/pictures/my images/

    Two questions about this:

    • I wonder, are these files and folders being copied by my device, so they're taking up more storage space, or are these 'legacy' folders only virtual? and only look like they've been duplicated?
    • And, when I go to view my images in the Gallery app supplied with the N7, it sometimes shows both 'versions' (including the 'legacy version in the 'root' directory) of the folder(s) and file, and sometimes it only shows one version--the one I created. I can't tell why it's doing these two different things. And to remove this duplicate folder from the Gallery view, I have to temporarily copy over the files to another folder, delete the folders they were in and recreate a folder to copy the images back to--sort of a pain really. So, is there a way to not have this happen in the first place?

    Thanks David.
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    I hope someone responds to this, since I've seen the same thing. I also have a problem with duplicate folders in Gallery on my ASUS & Lenovo tablets, but only the Nexus adds the 'legacy' folder in explorer. You might try asking this on the Nexus forum at:

    Nexus 7 / Nexus 10 Forum

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