Corp email problem on 32gb Iconia

Discussion in 'Acer Iconia Tab A500 Forum' started by jcrellin, Sep 15, 2011.

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    I was in an airport yesterday using my corporate email account on my tablet. I was connected using my droid phone as a hotspot. For some reaon my outbox got "stuck" and no outbound mail would flow? When I dropped off the droid and paid to get on the boingo system in the airport nothing still flowed out. I deleted all of my outbound email and started over. at that point, outbound email flowed again.

    anyone seen behavior like this? any thoughts?

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    It could be because you set up your corp email while connected to their network using standard ports for smtp.
    These ports (usually 25) are all trusted on their own network.

    Once you get outside their network the only people you can send mail to via smtp port 25 are people who have
    an email address on that server. This is standard spam prevention procedures, by not being an open relay.

    Chances are your outgoing SMTP ports will have to be something like 465 and you may have to log in as well
    with your user name and password for the sending side just as you do for the receive side. (These are two different
    passwords in some cases, so most mail packages have two different places to enter this info).

    If using the standard mail app that came on the tablet, open the app, then click menu (upper right corner) and account settings. Scroll down till you see Outgoing settings.

    The smtp server part should be ok, but check the security type. If it is currently none, try SSL. That should automatically change your port as well. Of that fails try TLS.

    Chances are you will have to check the require sign-in box and add your account name and password.

    Failing all of that, you can always send your mail via your Gmail account by changing ONLY the outgoing server as shown on this page: Most people will not be able to tell that your mail went via google since it will have your normal corp return address etc. (This may violate company policy, so check before doing that).
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    Acer Iconia Tab A500 have just make me understand a lot of things...thank you...

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