Costum ROM Aurora Feiyu_mod_(0515) cwm

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    Ainol NOVO 7 AURORA
    This is new ROM from Feiyu.. Better you use Feiyu ROM 0429 first and then upgrade with this ROM...

    Aurora Feiyu Mod (0515) cwm

    * based on 4.03 v 1.2
    * add cp210x drive
    * add XBOX360 gamepad support
    * pre-install apps installed to userdata, can be uninstall
    * busybox update to 1.20, improve the busybox support
    * add Google Talk, update some pre-install apps
    * fix volume down key delay
    * camera brightness adjustment
    * this version without bootloader, aurora v2 / v3 / elf don't need patch
    * recommend based on 0429 version to update
    * if you need use usb gps, please install usbgps4droid :

    You can download from here :

    Original Site :

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