Costum rom : Rom aurora feiyu mod (0429)

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    Ainol NOVO 7 AURORA
    This is new rom from Feiyu..

    Install With CWM :

    Aurora_v1_feiyu_mod_(0429) for GT801 screens : aurora_v1_feiyu_mod_(0429)

    Aurora_v2_patch_(0429).zip for f5tx screens : aurora_v2_patch_(0429).zip

    Aurora_v3_patch_(0429).zip for LG screens + camera : aurora_v3_patch_(0429).zip

    For elf_patch_(0429).zip : elf_patch_(0429).zip

    ADVANCE2 - adv2_patch_(0429)_pc.rar (needs PC with adb driver installed & run adv2-patch.bat file) :adv2_patch_(0429)_pc.rar

    If your Accelerometer seems to be slow to respond in games.Select this ko drivers and select the one you need :

    MMA 7660 :

    MMA 7660 turn left :

    MMA 7660 turn right :

    Install With LIVESUIT :

    You can download from :

    Original sites :

    Mirror :
    Download aurora_v1_feiyu_mod(0429).rar from - send big files the easy way

    If you need Livesuit you can download Livesuitpack v1.0.9 from here :


    * support for usb Bluetooth adapter, repair Bluetooth headphone output
    * Built-pl2303, dm9601, the tun module
    * Improve support wifi direct
    * use the default charging parameters reduce fever
    * Three point of view of the gravity-driven, on-demand select Install
    * System interface, the browser run faster, smoother
    * Built-in screenshot function (power and volume down)
    * potatoes and other the html5 compatibility improvement
    * notification bar hidden code update to retain the official mode, the default is the official mode
    * Full Google market, and support for Google Maps wifi positioning
    * detailed procedures for using electricity
    * Support for switched etc / init.d script below
    * user-installed programs are automatically aligned optimization
    * use comes with the su without authorization management

    Original Site :
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