crackle app like netflix but free works on our cobys stream movies and tv shows

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    app is called crackle its made by sony so we cant find on marketplace
    has movies and tv shows only catch is u gotta watch commercials has movies like ghostbuster joe dirt ect...... work on my 7024 fine has some good stuff and best of all FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Crackle (formerly known as Grouper) is a digital network and studio, featuring commercially-supported streaming video content in Flash Video format. It is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, and its content consists primarily of Sony's library of films and television shows. Crackle provides its content through a web syndication network, including YouTube, Hulu, AOL, MySpace, and mobile service providers

    if you have trouble just hit m key brings up what u can watch into categories like tv movies etc...:cool:

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