Craig CMP 741e & recording sound

Discussion in 'Craig Tablets' started by garzaus, Nov 19, 2012.

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    Craig CMP 741e
    First, the 741e with the capacitance touchscreen is a good cheap tablet that the kids love. The older 738a with the resistance screen was totally useless. So be careful what model you're picking up at that drugstore!

    Now, one frustration. The microphone works - recorded video has sound. But apps that use the microphone don't pick anything up (e.g. Spelling Space Ultimate).

    Craig has posted a firmware update: Craig Electronics Inc. but it's not clear that the update is newer than my current version. The firmware update stands a chance of screwing up what is a mostly working tablet. And I'd need to re-load everything I've set up, which could take a few hours.

    Any advice on getting the microphone to talk to the apps? Advice on go/no-go for the firmware update?

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