Craig CMP738B Force Close Pop-Ups, Firmware, USB Mode

Discussion in 'Craig Tablets' started by evadne, Dec 20, 2012.

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    Craig CMP738B
    I need help with my tablet(CMP738B). It keeps on popping up force close. It says that the application launcher(process has stopped unexpectedly, calendar storage(process has stopped unexpectedly, google services framework(process has stopped unexpectedly, gmail( process has stopped unexpectedly. These happen simultaneously and whenever I select force close they pop up again and again. I can't select any of the widgets or the menu because they don't appear on the screen. I've tried the firmware thing but then the tablet won't connect to PC, I remember that the USB Host Mode is checked. I can't go to settings and uncheck it because of the force close pop-ups, it won't get me anywhere aside from the home screen which doesn't show any of the icons or widgets. Please I need help with this and an immediate reply will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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